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Keeping Your Home Clean with Pets

Where do I start?

For those who are new to our story, we have three dogs and one rescue kitten. We also have two teenage daughters and one son in college. Keeping the house clean… it’s tricky!

Our biggest challenge, like most pet owners, is keeping up with the fur. Hogan and Calvin are German Shorthaired Pointers, and although they have short hair, they still shed. Hogan, who is silver and white, tends to leave little white pieces of fur all over the house. Lenny is a black Scottish terrier; he does not shed too much but he does like to bring in dirt from his paws, and his beard often drips water on the tile.  MasterCraft is our newest family member; he’s a rescue kitten that was born our boat (I’ll save that for another day), the biggest challenge with “MC” is keeping the dogs out of his litter box!

The following tips and products help us keep the house clean:


We don’t buy dog beds. Instead, we use high-quality crib (baby) mattresses. Dog beds tend to store a lot of dander and fur. They are hard to wash and get super smelly. Using a crib mattress allows us to add a protective cover (yep, just like having a baby) and we buy fun sheets! Target and Amazon have great sheets that match any décor. When it is colder out, I put fun flannel sheets on the beds. We wash the sheets weekly. This keeps the house smelling good, the mattress matches our décor, and the dogs are sleeping on quality beds. We have to wash our personal bedding often as well; our dogs hop up a lot!

Hogan and Calvin on their ‘crib mattress’ with a fun sheet!


Vacuum, Vacuum, iRobot, Vacuum, iRobot, repeat! We vacuum DAILY! And we also have an iRobot (Roomba) that goes off twice a day. This helps keep the fur under control. I swear by the iRobot. So, manual vacuuming and robot vacuuming daily. We do have one minor issue with the iRobot. Our new rescue kitten, MasterCraft, likes to ride it and he turns it off.

Rescue Kitty riding the iRobot!


We only have carpet on our stairs, upstairs hallway, and in our family room. The rest of the house is tile or wood. This certainly helps with dirty paw stains, BUT it also means we have more dust and fur floating around. We place a medium-size carpet right in front of our large slider door. This is the door the dogs use the most often. The carpet captures the dirt and helps dry their feet before they come in. I swear by the throw rugs at Target because they don’t slide around.


We buy lint rollers in bulk! I lint roll chairs, sofas, clothes… I’m half tempted to lint roll the dogs but that might be weird, so I don’t (ha!). Honestly, lint rollers help out a ton. We keep them in the kitchen and the hallway closets.

Leather sofa + Calvin = Lint Roller


Dusting and cleaning the glass — in our home, these chores go hand-in-hand. Our teenage daughters have dusting and glass duty. Once a week they dust the furniture and wipe down our leather sectional. They also use glass cleaner on our slider which is often covered with wet nose prints. Having teens certainly has its advantages.

Hogan & Calvin cozy on mom’s bed.


Our dogs are in the house most of the time. Unless they are using the bathroom, exercising, or playing outside, they are in the house. They don’t get too dirty, but we do bathe them when they need it. We make sure we use a gentle soap. If not, they can get dry skin and that adds more dust and dander to the house. I prefer a shampoo that includes oatmeal; it seems to be the most gentle on their skin.

Lenny and Calvin all fresh and clean!


Since we rescued MasterCraft, our new little kitten, we have had to adjust to having a littler box. The biggest challenge we had with the littler box was the dogs getting into it. Dogs are so gross. We found a cool litter box on Amazon (by Modkat) that allows MC to enter from the top. The dogs can’t reach the litter. We use a natural litter made from corn (unscented), clean the box multiple times per day and we change the litter every five days.

Modkat Litter Box

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What do you do to keep your house clean?

Hi! I’m Nik (short for Nikole) from @pointandwag. I’m a mom of three humans and three furry family members. I have two GSPs, Hogan Sandwich and Calvin T-Bone. I love to run with my German Shorthaired Pointers! Hogan is now considered a ‘senior’ dog, so I’ve had to make some running adjustments. Calvin is 4 and could probably run 100 miles. I also have a Scottish Terrier, Lenny Spaghetti, who’s a just a pup. I’ve never had a little dog but must admit, everything they say about TERRIERS is true. He’s awesome! We’re the @pointandwag crew.

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  1. Christina Conlon

    AMEN for lint rollers, YES! Is it weird if I’ve totally lint rolled Nash? He was curious what I was doing LOL! I’ve been thinking about getting a Roomba too!

    1. LOL! Not weird at all! I have a Lint Roller in every room and every car! The Roomba changed my life. LOL

  2. Brianna

    Oh man. Automatic vacuums are life!! I love my BoB 🙂
    Great tip with the crib mattresses…holy moly. Mind blown.