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Barking About in Style: Exploring Carlsbad, CA

Welcome to Southern California, where the beaches glitter, the sunsets are divine, and we spend 75% of our year outdoors. As one of the most beautiful places in the USA, Southern California is pretty dog-friendly and many of our local businesses here in Carlsbad and Oceanside are just that. Today, Kibeth and Ajax would like to give you a tour of their top favorite places in Carlsbad, California for you and your canine companion!

Looking for a place to stay?

Many Air B&Bs are dog-friendly around here but it is always a good idea to contact the place you’re looking at to make sure and to ask about any limitations or guidelines. Here are Ajax’s recommendations:

Sheraton Carlsbad Resort

Dogs welcome! No dogs in the pool, but they provide a doggie gift bag and doggie bed in the room for any dogs up to 80 pounds. There is also a great dog beach about 20 minutes down the road in Del Mar you can take your pup to!

West Inn and Suites

Dog-friendly in all the hotel except the dining area and the pool area. They have a dog run behind the hotel complete with doggie bags, and a park across the street where you can run with your pups. Dogs up to 50 pounds welcome with a non-refundable cleaning fee up to $150! They also provide dog beds, bowls for food and water, and doggie ice cream treats at the front desk!

Cafe Elysa

Feeling hungry? Kibeth is here to show you her top two places both she and her humans love to eat at!

Located in adorable Carlsbad Village, this mostly outdoor café has not only great food and coffee, but a huge patio with fire pits and umbrellas, dog water bowls, and a staff that is exceptionally dog friendly! Kibeth loves hanging out at the patio catching whatever morsels dad might throw her way and meeting other polite dogs who are also out dining.

Park 101

Did you say BBQ?! This place is not only dog-friendly but very kid-friendly as well! All outdoors, pretty much the entire restaurant is dog-friendly. There are yard games, artificial turf, water bowls, and great barbecue/comfort foods available. They also have great drinks and are an Instagram paradise for pictures at night when the lights come on!

While most restaurants will welcome dogs on the patios or outdoor seating areas, these two are Kibeth’s favorites!

Foster pup, Lancelot, checks out my latte at one of Carlsbad’s many dog-friendly patios…

When in SoCal, beach time is necessary… time to hit the beach!!

Disclaimer: Go read this post from Marleigh Feigenbaum (another DailyBarker contributor) from a few weeks ago for some vital tips and info on beaching with a pooch! While many beaches are dog-friendly, there are many that are not or only permit dogs during certain times of the year! Avoid the possible fines and make sure you read up on your desired destination!

Carlsbad State Beach

Kibeth looks out over Carlsbad State Beach

While Carlsbad State Beach itself is not officially dog-friendly, the lovely sidewalk overlooking the beach and ocean is a popular walking spot for visitors and locals! Doggie bags are nicely staggered along with dog accessible water fountains and grassy spots all along the wide sidewalk. This is one of Kibeth’s favorite ambling spot in SoCal because of the smells that drift up from the ocean breeze and the beach squirrels that dart in and out of the cliffs. Ajax appreciates the well-placed benches and grassy spots for socializing and lounge breaks…

Kibeth teaches one of our foster pups the fine art of rolling…

Down towards north end of Tamarack Beach, there is a public access that is tucked away and the locals use as an unofficial dog beach after 4pm between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Ajax appreciates a good sunset romp and fetch session at this beach but has to be reminded to stay near his paw-rents and to not say hello to every beachgoer…

Carlsbad is a great place to visit and if you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out the plethora of places to see! Remember to always do a little research to make sure a prospective destination is doggo-friendly, clean up after your pooch, and keep your pup on his best manners while out and about. Happy adventuring and enjoy!

Brianna Turner

Hailing from sunny Southern California, Brianna is a Registered Nurse, former dog foster mom, and Marine Corps spouse. She enjoys beach trips, hikes, and any other various adventures with her two rescue pups, Kibeth and Ajax, as well as writing or reading about anything canine.

Dogs give us the purest physical example of unconditional love and pure unadulterated joy in the world.



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  1. Christina Conlon

    Carlsbad is such an amazing place to bring your pup! I think my favorite place to go that you mentioned is the paved sidewalk along the ocean!! We used to take Beau there 🙂 He loved it!